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Monthly Archives: August 2008

News flash: Democrats haven’t the foggiest on economics.

Well, no surprise to me — just more proof that most people are ignorant on economics. James Pethokoukis’s polling at the Democratic convention is eye opening nonetheless. [U.S. News & World Report] I took another poll of 24 DNC delegates. I asked them “What should ‘the rich’ pay in income taxes.” Here is what they […]

Pros and cons of Palin.

Many conservatives have been high on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a John McCain running mate for some time. She’s young, truly conservative both fiscally and socially, and from what I’ve heard a good speaker and communicator of ideas. She killed the bridge to nowhere project, and wasn’t afraid to veto spending bills (i.e., stomach […]

A quite disconcerting “association” double standard.

National Review editors on the disconcerting relationship between William Ayers and Barack Obama: [William] Ayers, as we have previously detailed, is a confessed terrorist who, having escaped prosecution due to surveillance violations that came to light during his decade on the lam after a bombing spree, landed an influential professorship in education at the University […]

Comparing Axis

Arthur Herman makes an interesting point: To understand the nature of this challenge, consider that the distance between Baghdad and Tbilisi is barely 578 miles, less than the distance between New York City and Chicago. Iraq and Georgia, both of which have democratic governments, are sandwiched between Iran and Russia, two of the most authoritarian […]

Don’t hold your breath.

Jerry Bower asks: “Will the New York Times and the rest of the media storm-crows who spent most of the spring and summer cackling the “recession” word admit their error and reverse course? I think you already know the answer to that question.”

Wesbury to other economists: Told you so.

Found via the Club for Growth, economist Brian Wesbury appears to have been one of the only economists who correctly predicted (and twice at that) that the U.S. economy was not in recession. Indeed, these days it seems few actually know the definition of recession. The latest data shows that during the 2nd economic quarter […]

Don’t overplay your hand… or, be careful what you wish for?

I have mixed feelings on the internal strife in the Democratic Party that is supposedly causing a notable percentage of Hillary backers to openly support John McCain for president. [Wall Street Journal] Clinton supporters, disillusioned by their candidate’s narrow loss, have been showing up in the McCain camp, and Sen. McCain has stepped up his […]

They work when we use them.

Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard takes on the usually economically coherent NYT’s columnist, David Brooks, whom one supposes is having an off day. But then Brooks goes and writes this: “[T]he old free market policies worked fine in the 20th century, but no longer seem to be working today.” Really? China just ended an […]

Oh, that party of corruption.

Wow. Were I a conspiracy buff I might wonder if Obama had to pick Biden as his VP because he worried that Biden might spill the beans on their Rezko affiliations… But I’m not. So, on a serious note all this goes to show you is that politicians accept money from dirty characters. But why […]

Iranian Mullahs for Biden!

Not exactly the endorsement Obama-Biden was looking for, eh? This is a great summary of Biden putting politics above national security judgment, by Michael Rubin. Bush has been a polarizing figure, but most senators realize that partisanship should never trump national security. In early 2007, evidence mounted that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps was planning […]