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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Israel’s “proportion” critics miss the point.

Here we go again. Israel responds to terrorism and they’re criticized for it, usually under the misnomer that their response is disproportionate. This misses the point completely, opines Scott Hindraker of Powerlineblog: As he leaves office, President Bush stands alone among the quoted leaders. He alone issued a statement declining to equate the parties or […]

Steyn: Oh, grow up!

Mark Steyn notes that “My Grown-Up Christmas List” song isn’t grown up at all (and whether intended prescience or not, a good reminder while Israel responds to Hamas’ perpetual terrorism): “No more lives torn apart, That wars would never start…” Whether wars start depends on the intended target’s ability to deter. As to “lives torn […]

T.R. was no conservative.

Ron Prestritto reminds fellow conservatives that Teddy Roosevelt, who eventually left the Republican Party to run in the Progressive Party, was hardly a fellow conservative: Progressives of both parties, including Roosevelt, were the original big-government liberals. They understood full well that the greatest obstacle to their schemes of social justice and equality of material condition […]

David Spade: not your ordinary Hollywoodist.

No additional comment necessary: LOS ANGELES — Actor and one-time Phoenix resident David Spade has donated $100,000 to the Phoenix Police Department. The department will use the much needed funds to buy high-powered rifles to defend the city from the growing influence of Mexican drug cartels. He gave $25k to the family of a fallen […]

Time to pardon Libby.

Wall Street Journal again: Mr. Wilson’s 2003 op-ed claiming that “the intelligence related to Iraq’s nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat” was the supposed animus for the Administration’s leak of the identity of Mr. Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame. As the leaking whodunit became a media frenzy and others ducked for cover, […]

Big spender Obama.

President-elect Obama’s transition team is promising that its $700 billion, or $850 billion, or $1 trillion, or whatever it now is “stimulus” won’t include pork-barrel spending. They must not have talked to the nation’s mayors, who recently responded to Mr. Obama’s request to compile their priority list of “shovel-ready” projects. By all accounts, the $73 […]

The biggest revisionist history job in revisionist history.

Courtesy of the New York Times, the sheer scale of their “Bush caused the mortgage crisis” lie is staggering. That the New York Times engages in purposeful amnesia over the 1970s to the 1990s, the Clinton Administration, the Community Reinvestment Act, or that Democrats in Congress blocked every attempt to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie […]

Bush isn’t a conservative.

WASHINGTON – President George W. Bush says he’s offering $17.4 billion in loans to the auto industry because letting them collapse is “not a responsible course of action.” Actually, rewarding inept CEOs with taxpayer money is what’s “not a responsible course of action.” Chapter 11 bankruptcy would be the responsible cure for their ills, even […]

Krauthammer is not fooled.

The hard left is angry about Barack Obama’s decision to let Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren perform his inaugeration. But Charles Krauthammer is not fooled by Barack Obama’s apparant centrist manuvers. It begins with a near $1 trillion stimulus package. This is where Obama will show himself ideologically. It is his one great opportunity to plant […]

Fear fear itself.

Here’s Jonah Goldberg on the proposed auto bailout: But here’s a point nearly everyone understands from personal experience: It is not a good idea to make big, life-altering decisions when you’re freaking out. Everyone’s had moments when everything appears to be falling apart. (If you haven’t, here’s a heads-up: You’re long overdue.) And these are […]