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Monthly Archives: February 2009

$650bn Tax on your exhales.

There’s a lot of talk of “energy independence” coming from the Obama administration. It’s a perennial red herring. Of it, Holman Jenkins stated earlier this week it was “a favorite of Tojo and Hitler, was debunked by Churchill, who reasoned that true energy security came from a diversity of suppliers, not the foolish pursuit of […]

Obama’s tall glass of backtracking.

Enjoy an ice cold tall glass of backtracking! Continuing my posts about Guantanamo, Obama’s attorney general enters the fray: AG Holder says closing Guantanamo won’t be easy By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer Devlin Barrett, Associated Press Writer Wed Feb 25, 6:15 pm ET WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday the Guantanamo detention […]

Obama’s War on Small Business.

That headline is not hyperbole, folks. Barack Obama’s new taxation scheme, which he inaccurately promises will “only” hit Americans making a joint tax filing of $250,000, is in the words of House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) , “A job killer, plain and simple.” And we’re not just talking about a $338 billion Income Tax […]

All the president’s strawmen.

Here’s Karl Rove, with some succinct points: Mr. Obama also said that America’s economic difficulties resulted when “regulations were gutted for the sake of a quick profit at the expense of a healthy market.” Who gutted which regulations? Perhaps it was President Bill Clinton who, along with then Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, removed restrictions on […]

Who knew?

CF-18s intercepted Russian plane before Obama visit News Staff As security officials worked to secure Ottawa on the eve of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit, Canadian fighter jets were scrambling to intercept a Russian bomber plane in the Arctic skies. That’s a huge story! I mean who knew that Canada had an air force! […]

They must read GN, Guantanamo edition.

I swear it’s funny how themes just hit the internet. A few days ago I was harping on how Guantanamo was better than our civilian prison system and then I read this op-ed titled “Why Close Guantanamo,” by Andrew McCarthy (lead prosecutor of the 1993 WTC bombers). A much-anticipated report laments that prisoners “live under […]

Obama’s Not To Do List.

Here’s Holman Jenkins: Put away the global warming panic. Mankind’s contribution to rising CO2 levels raises serious questions, but the tens of billions poured into climate science have, by now, added up only to a negative finding. We don’t really have the slightest idea how an increase in the atmosphere’s component of CO2 is impacting […]

FDR’s Bad Deal.

Here’s John L. Chapman: This spending-leads-to-growth concept is a perennial failure that can actually harm an economy. Its advocates suffer from a crucial error in their understanding of economics: for in fact, consumption is an effect, and not a cause, of economic growth. Stated simply, more spending without the greater output of goods and services […]

Gov’t $$ for Christmas presents?

Seriously, folks, you can’t make this stuff up… [Government Grant Solutions] Money To Buy Christmas Presents!* When applying for the grant I wasn’t sure what to expect but to my delight and surprise a check came in the mail in a few weeks! I was able to bless a divorced mother of three with funds […]

Geithner: ‘Buy! No, sell!’

Here’s Andrew Roth: I’m glad Greg Mankiw caught this. Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner told Congress last month that China should stop manipulating their currency (by buying dollars). Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Chinese to keep buying U.S. dollars. So which is it?? This blunder, along with the “Buy American” fiasco, the […]