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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Favorite renewables.

Another problem with Waxman-Markey is that while wind power, solar, and some biomass are included hydropower and nuclear power are excluded. Hydropower is a renewable and fairly effective source of electricity— its exclusion makes no sense. The exclusion of nuclear power, while not surprising, shows how disingenuous this push for “renewable” electricity really is. — […]

W.W.R.D. with Iran.

There are some interesting comparisons between Iran’s latest revolutionary movement and Poland’s Solidarity movement in the 1980s. Western assistance came both vocally and covert — via American companies providing Western intelligence agencies with printing presses and other equipment and utilities to assist the organization of the Polish protesters. The movement was already there and in […]

‘Why not us?’

The following is from a Washington Post article titled, “Arab Activists Watch Iran And Wonder: ‘Why Not Us?’” Across the Arab world, Iran’s massive opposition protests have triggered a wave of soul-searching and conflicting emotions. Many question why their own reform movements are unable to rally people to rise up against unpopular authoritarian regimes. In […]

Biggest (backdoor) tax ever.

Here’s reason #1 of the Club for Growth’s top 15 reasons to oppose the Waxing Malarkey (Waxman-Markey) “cap and tax” bill: National Energy Tax: This is a tax that will affect constituents in every aspect of their lives. From transportation, to food, to electricity, to income – this is the ultimate regressive consumption tax to […]

Fate smiles on the mullahs.

Seriously, a grander diversion from the Iranian quasi-revolution than Michael Jackson’s death couldn’t have been masterminded by a decade worth of planning by Hezbollah.

Re: Sanford, Ensign and hypocrisy.

The liberal media pile-on over the Sanford and Ensign extra-marital affairs aren’t just a collaboration of double standards, they’re off base too. Consider the New York Times’ Gail Collins: I’m thinking it’s time for the Republicans to apologize for putting us through the Clinton impeachment. We seem to have pretty well established that sexual stone-throwing […]

“You should stop this. You should help us.”

Here’s Michael Goldfarb: The left wanted Obama to keep his mouth shut for fear of undermining the protesters by allowing the regime to portray them as U.S. pawns. Well, at what point does Obama risk alienating a future generation of Iranians by sitting on the sidelines as they get butchered in the streets? But then, […]

‘Don’t leave us alone.’

Americans, European Union, international community, this government is not definitely — is definitely not elected by the majority of Iranians. So it’s illegal. Do not recognize it. Stop trading with them. Impose much more sanctions against them. My message…to the international community, especially I’m addressing President Obama directly – how can a government that doesn’t […]

Heads I win. Tails you lose.

Let’s say that you and I owned competing “widget” businesses. Would you find it “fair” or an otherwise healthy competitive environment if I were also the one in charge of dictating the rules and regulations of our industry? Might you find my dual role a conflict of interest? Well, that’s exactly what Barack Obama’s proposal […]

The not-so-green Prius.

Here’s an interesting letter to the Washington Post editor which underscores that the law of unintended consequences is generally far more relevant and far-sighted then your average unelected egghead bureaucrat who designs our CAFE laws, etc.: The Prius’s reputation as a “green” car is completely undeserved. The culprit is its nickel metal hydride battery. The […]