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Proof ObamaCare stinks.

[AP] Obama says it’s not about him. “I have great health insurance and so does every member of Congress,” the president said in remarks prepared for his news conference Wednesday night.

Oh, reaaaally? Well if he and Congress have such “great health insurance,” then why not just give us their plan? Or, conversely, as several Republicans have previously mentioned, if President Obama’s proposed “federal option” is so good for the rest of us bums, why won’t the prez and Congress volunteer to drop their golden-goose federal plan and join ObamaCare?

Because the ObamaCare plan is just for us suckers, not the privileged on Capital Hill. You see, among other perks, the U.S. taxpayer currently picks up about 70% of the premiums of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), that Congress, the prez and several million federal employees use.

As a Heritage study put it way back in 1997:

The FEHBP is not experiencing the severe financial problems faced by Medicare. It is run by a very small bureaucracy that, unlike Medicare’s, does not try to set prices for doctors and hospitals. It offers choices of modern benefits and private plans to federal retirees (and active workers) that are unavailable in Medicare. It provides comprehensive information to enrollees. And it uses a completely different payment system that blends a formula with negotiations to achieve a remarkable level of cost control while constantly improving benefits and enjoying wide popularity.

“A small bureaucracy” you say? Oh, but there’s the rub! Were they to do that for the rest of us 300 million Americans the plan would become way too expensive way too fast and lead to the very benefit rationing that the ObamaCare plan will force upon us. We can’t ask Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Kennedy to have their care rationed like the rest of us bums.

Related: [Politico] Former President Bill Clinton considered dismantling the program during the 1993-94 push for health care reform because he didn’t want the public to think Congress was getting special treatment under his plan, according to news reports at the time.

You don’t say! And how’d that Clinton care turn out…

Yes, Mr. Obama, socialist healthcare works wonderfully when 300 million pay for a few million. But once you expand that to 3oo million covered, or even say Canada for 30 million, the perks get rationed, the waits get longer, the drugs dwindle, the costs go up, albeit it’s equal for everyone — equally miserable. All except for Congress that is, who will no doubt remain on their own plan also paid by the U.S. taxpayer.