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Monthly Archives: October 2009


The latest House proposal for nationalizing health care via a “federal option” is almost a whopping 2,000 pages long. They plan to vote as early as next week. Do you reaaally think our representatives are going to bother to read this monstrosity? Rep. John Boehner justifiably called it “1,900 pages of bureaucracy.” So, the complications […]

The never ending apology tour.

This is a great commentary from Jonah Goldberg in their subscription version of National Review. The question he asks is, “Whatever happened to liberal idealism?” He notes a long history of liberal idealists, such as Harry Truman. And even more modern Democrat leaders who have had their own “American apology tours,” a la Bill Clinton […]

Obama’s aversion to journalistic diversity.

Here’s Charles Krauthammer: The White House has declared war on Fox News. White House communications director Anita Dunn said that Fox is “opinion journalism masquerading as news.” Patting rival networks on the head for their authenticity (read: docility), senior adviser David Axelrod declared Fox “not really a news station.” And Chief of Staff Emanuel told […]

If they gave one to Arafat…

Let’s be honest here… The Nobel Peace Prize became useless, meaningless, feckless and silly on the day that they awarded it to Yassir Arafat for Pete’s sake. So, I don’t really see what the hubbub is all about.

Obama cruel to the kind, kind to the cruel.

In just the past 72 or so hours President Barack Obama has both become the first president to ever refuse to meet the Dalai Lama, and denied funding to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. Both are policies based in appeasement, and the president’s track record on that is quite disturbing. Beyond the historic snub, […]

Obama’s war on medicine specialists.

ObamaCare would essentially be one massive Medicare program. If this occurs, opines the Wall Street Journal, the same rationed care principles causing Canadians, et. al., to come to America for quicker specialty care will become the case for Americans — except, unfortunately, we’ll have no border to cross to find that quick MRI, CT, etc. […]

So much for “the good war.”

In a matter of about three weeks, the Left’s view of Afghanistan has gone from “the good war” to “the next Vietnam.” This turnabout — in effect, the Left is dumping the war now that it has stopped being politically useful — deserves an honored place in the annals of bad faith. Meantime, our troops […]

Club Med, Guantanamo.

[Washington Post] For up to four hours a day, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, can sit outside in the Caribbean sun and chat through a chain-link fence with the detainee in the neighboring exercise yard at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Mohammed can also use that time to visit a media […]