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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Question for Napolitano: Why do we take off our shoes?

What’s the point of taking off our shoes at airport security if the screenings can’t pick up a myriad of explosives and detonators? According to reports the “underwear bomb” worn by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a military-grade plastic explosive called Pentaerythritol tetranitrate, or PETN, and neither that nor the detonator would have been caught by […]

Wimpy’s inverse healthcare plan.

In a word: ugly. Wimpy from the Popeye cartoon was fond of promising to pay someone Tuesday for a hamburger today. ObamaCare is the inverse of that — the federal government will gladly force us to pay today for an alleged benefit years from now. Even if you support this nightmare of ObamaCare socialized medicine, […]

Government IS the Death Panel.

Dick Morris brought up the differences between health care cost and quality a little while ago, and one fact stuck out big time: “In 2008, Britain had a cancer death rate 0.25% while the United States had a rate of only 0.18%.  The UK cancer death rate was 38% higher than in the United States.” […]

Nowhere to run from a global gov’t.

Got an issue you oppose strongly enough, at least now you can pick up your phone or write an e-mail to your state and federal representatives. But who do you call once the “global bureaucrats” are in charge? Janet Daley of the UK Telegraph explains: … the word “global”, as in “global economic crisis”, meant: […]

Criminals promoting Green tax.

It’s already a problem in Europe, but it could be crossing the Atlantic soon, if Congressional leaders like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have their way. Some Democrats are now promoting the European-style value-added tax (or VAT) to collect revenue. After all, Democrats never found a tax they didn’t like. But it has the unintended […]

Green = Red.

Environmentalism is about cash. We’ll start with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ridiculous press conference earlier this month that must have left people wondering if the Governator was preparing for his next action movie role. Mimicking the global warming doomsayers via afantasy Armageddon scenario (read: The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, etc.)  Schwarzenegger presented his constituents a map of […]

Tom Friedman’s “Precautionary Principle.”

Tom Friedman’s most recent column (Going Cheney on Climate) seeks to champion action on (alleged) global warming on the basis of the “precautionary principle.” The idea behind precautionary principle is basically insurance — you make the investment not on the certainty of something adverse occurring, at least not right away, but on the likelihood that […]

“Peer-review” explained with one picture.

Courtesy of Prodicus:

Climategate & ObamaCare.

So I made the point below that one can find parallels between Climate Change and health care vis-a-vis academics constructing their desired result through manipulated data. We’ve already read some recent studies by academics attempting to prepare the public for rationed care by advising that women get mammograms less often and later in life. More […]

Climategate & Leftist hypocrisy.

Having read many of the e-mails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia writer James Delingpole summarizes six major categories, including: (1) Manipulation of evidence in favor of global warming, (2) Private doubts about whether the world really is heating up, (3) Suppression of evidence contrary to their views, (4) […]