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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Pete Stark unhinged.

Quote of the week: “This is what the bloated arrogance of entitled incumbency looks like.” — Michelle Malkin, referring to California Democrat Rep. Pete Stark’s sarcastic responses to the calm and reasonable questions on border security as posed by his constituents. Wow, what a jerk. There’s a lot of great lines in that 10-minute video […]

Congress empowers the causes of crises:Themselves.

[WSJ] President Obama hailed the financial bill that House-Senate negotiators finally vouchsafed at 5:40 a.m. Friday, and no wonder. The bill represents the triumph of the very regulators and Congressmen who did so much to foment the financial panic, giving them vast new discretion over every corner of American financial markets. Chris Dodd and Barney […]

Hillary Clinton’s inadvertant call to lower taxes.

Here’s Steve Forbes highlighting a major but unreported economic gaffe by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared recently at the Brookings Institution, “The rich are not paying their fair share.” She then went on to praise Brazil as the tax holy grail for the rest of the world: “Brazil has […]

If only George Will were in Congress.

If only George Will were in Congress he could ask Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan these questions: — It would be naughty to ask you about litigation heading for the Supreme Court concerning this: Does Congress have the right, under its enumerated power to regulate interstate commerce, to punish the inactivity of not purchasing health […]

The renewable energy scam.

Have you ever noticed how Democrats brag that renewable energy — i.e., Green Jobs — will create more jobs than traditional — i.e., petroleum — energy jobs? If so, have you extrapolated the next question: “Why is that?” Simple, because green energy is so inefficient it will take more workers to produce the same kilowatt […]

Meet Obama’s (loaded-deck) BP investigation panel.

Wow, when you’re a former media-darling Democratic president and the Associated Press starts to turn on you, you must have bad ratings. Here’s how the AP describes Barack Obama’s panel to investigate the Gulf oil leak: Only one of the seven commissioners, the dean of Harvard’s engineering and applied sciences school, has a prominent engineering […]

Stossel on the Fed regulatory budget.

Here’s John Stossel: In The Washington Times Richard W. Rahn points out that the U.S. government’s “regulatory budget” is growing faster than the overall federal budget. According to a 2011 regulatory budget report , “the growth in dollar terms over the last ten years is more than double that of any previous decade.” Rahn worries […]

The more the media changes the more they fail Econ 101.

I have to admit, I never thought there’d come a day when I embed a Rachael Maddow video in this blog… There’s a lot of good points in that MSNBC video, but there’s also a healthy heaping of MSNBC lamestream media slant, and a typical Left wing ignorance of economics. Two quick points: (1) the […]

Art Laffer predicts 2011 double-dip recession.

“Laffer Curve” inventor Arthur Laffer predicts there will be a double-dip recession in 2011 if nothing is done to extend the 2001 Bush tax cuts: On or about Jan. 1, 2011, federal, state and local tax rates are scheduled to rise quite sharply. President George W. Bush’s tax cuts expire on that date, meaning that […]

Oh, Now they need Petraeus!

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds with some reminders: * Obama hand picked McChrystal! * During the 2008 election cycle the Far Left called Gen. Petraeus “General Betrayus.” But now MoveOn has, well, moved on. I guess Obama gets a pass from them on that. (Flashback of this great parody of MoveOn — General LiesandPower.) * Hillary Clinton […]