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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Why the individuals will always decide better than the “expert” can decide for them.

Found this in the letters section of the WSJ this week. Great stuff. We often call this the law of unintended consequences. F.A. Hayek in his “The Constitution of Liberty” cites the Harvard Business Review 1958: “Consider for a moment that any one person can only know a fraction of what is going on around […]

Obama calls thousandaires “billionaires.”

There’s a clear demarkation economically between the Republican and Democrat parties right now. That’s a good thing if it holds, because it means the Republicans can begin to truly eradicate its image problem brought on by poor fiscal decisions in the second half of the Bush years, when Republicans foolishly thought that the key to […]

Tax-Freedom Day, and putting the budget cuts into (miserable) perspective.

Today is “Tax Freedom Day,” established by the Tax Foundation and defined by that group as the calendar day of the year where Americans actually keep the first dollar they earn, rather than giving it to the government. “Tax Freedom Day® will arrive on April 12 this year, the 102nd day of 2011. That means […]

Free your wine, the rest will follow.

[Ship Complaint Blog] Florida is currently open to direct shipments from wineries. The state’s previous direct shipping legislation was found to be unconstitutional under Granholm and was overturned in a 2005 court ruling under Bainbridge, et al. v. Turner. For the fifth time in six years, direct shipping legislation is being considered in Florida (no […]