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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Excusing riots

One last post on the London riots a couple of weeks ago, in this case an observation from Jonah Goldberg. If you begin a sentence saying that nothing excuses wanton mob violence and theft, but refuse to come to a full-stop with a period or, better yet, an exclamation point, you know that there’s a […]

Speaking of Federalism.

Andrew McCarthy has a great observation in last weekend’s GOP debate, which found Mitt Romney utilizing Federalism in order to attack Obamacare even as he (still, foolishly) defends Romneycare — mandates by a state versus the federal government. While McCarthy believes Romney’s recent discovery of Federalism is simply a convenient ploy to deflect criticisms, he […]

When tolerance warps religious freedom.

There was a great commentary today by Bill McGurn regarding the state of religious freedom in America today, and where that’s trending (hint, not up). McGurn’s opinion cited a recent case, Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which the Supreme Court agreed to hear shortly. The background of the case […]

Panic in the streets of London.

Here’s the best retort and thought of the week on what I call the entitlement-hooligan riots in the U.K. Presumably, London-type riots would not last long in either Texas, or Arizona. — Adam Baldwin on twitter. Indeed. Thank God for the Second Amendment. I say thank God rather than “Thank Jefferson” because even Jefferson would […]

A Private Little Cold War

To combat the former Soviet Union, Ronald Reagan took the Sixties and Seventies notion of d├ętente and turned it on it’s head into a policy of rollback. At the time it was called extremist, fantasy or dangerous. But this rollback was incremental, and certainly did not defeat the Soviet Union in a day, or even […]