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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Senators propose swapping Google with “Panel of Experts.”

I was ROFL, as they say or rather tweet/text, when I read the part where senators recommended replacing Google search formulas with a “panel of experts.” I mean, if that doesn’t sum up everything that is wrong with the government I don’t know what does. Has any government panel of experts ever solved anything? (Example, […]

Protesting the government they’re demanding.

Here’s a great commentary by Jonah Goldberg (from his G-file e-letter) on the OWS movement: As I mentioned in the Corner, I love this story about the fraying tensions among the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Aside from the general schadenfreudtasticness of it all, I found this bit to contain some fascinating contradictions. Apparently some of […]

Protesters on wrong street.

Beyond the Occupy Wall Street crowd playing the part of the “useful idiots” of organized socialist, national socialist (i.e., Nazi)  and communist parties, you’ve got a massive number of economically-ignorant, naive or at minimum mis-educated youths who seem unaware that they’re protesting the wrong street: Instead of occupying Wall Street they should be occupying K-street, […]

Beware the CFPB

WSJ: After Congress created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as part of Dodd-Frank, President Obama said the government would prevent “hidden penalties and fees” and ensure “clear and concise information.” He promised banks that “unless your business model depends on cutting corners or bilking your customers, you’ve got nothing to fear from reform.” Flash forward […]

How a “Millionaire tax” will kill jobs.

WSJ: All of the details weren’t clear in media reports as we went to press, but it seems Mr. Reid’s surtax would raise tax rates on millionaires by five percentage points starting January 1, 2012, or less than four months from now. That’s a year earlier than the tax increases that Mr. Obama is proposing. […]

Great tribute to Steve Jobs.

Here’s a great tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, by Kevin Williamson: Jobs was sometimes criticized for not being a philanthropist along the lines of Bill Gates. Take this article, for example: Last year the founder of the Stanford Social Innovation Review called Apple one of “America’s Least Philanthropic Companies.” Jobs had terminated all of Apple’s long-standing corporate philanthropy programs within […]

Obama: Gov’t should determine profits.

Paraphrasing President Obama, one job of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is to determine if a business is making ‘too much profit.’ Mr. Obama is correct in his assessment that nobody is entitled to “a certain amount of profit,” but where he runs frighteningly amok is taking that assessment to mean that government […]