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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Roberts apologists.

In a summary: too clever by half. I too have read the arguments that somehow the Roberts opinion will foster a new era of rolling back Commerce Clause abuses and find the arguments lacking. But here’s some other guys who write better than me. Jonah Goldberg: Yes, yes: I know. Already numerous people I respect […]

The John Roberts Betrayal.

Like many others my very first thought upon learning of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robert’s decision to uphold the “Affordable Healthcare Act”/Obamacare was “What’s the point of winning elections — and therefore voting — when those elected lack backbone and otherwise let you down?” Supreme Court justices are of course appointed by an elected […]

The acceptable top 1%.

Remember, the “top 1%” vilification only applies if it’s the Romney-Bush-Cheney style top 1%, not if it’s the Obama-Kerry-Edwards-Clinton top 1%. Here’s Jim Geraghty on the rules: Nothing screams “I’m sensitive to the economic struggles of my fellow Americans” like purchasing an $85 Vera Wang-designed custom canvas tote bagĀ at the store. Or the $45 […]