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Never underestimate the stupidity of the college professor.

“This said, the mortuary pictures of the older brother of the two are extremely disturbing, raising questions as to whether the Boston Police Department captured him [Tamerlan Tsarnaev] with too much force.” — City University of New York Professor Ruth O’Brien.

This statement proves that one can have higher education and be stupid at the same time.

Is it possible to use “too much force” against someone who has used bombs to murder a child and two adults, injure scores more, including dismembering dozens, then murdered a police officer, then carjacked a bystander, and then is in the act of using semiautomatic weapons and more bombs to kill more police?

The “question raised” is why do the liberal intelligentsia so often reflexively rush to the aide and apologies of the terrorist? The brothers had a clear death pact — they could have fled Boston at any time, but instead choose to grab a few more bombs and approach and shoot an unsuspecting police officer in his car. They continued to assault, they continued to kill, they were clearly looking to end their own lives in a blaze of misguided Islamic Jihad glory.