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The FBI has a bridge to sell you.

[Washington Times] The FBI did not know that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older Boston Marathon bombing suspect who was killed following a firefight last week, took a six-month trip to Russia because his name was misspelled, Sen. Lindsey Graham said.

Sen. Graham and the FBI must think us all really, really stupid. It’s as though the FBI doesn’t do this all the time. They don’t investigate. They don’t cross check. They don’t account for aliases or multiple spellings of names, especially those of foreign nationals, especially after 9-11, especially after they’ve done this kind of thing before. Nope, never. It’s like they’ve never dealt with strange names like Lashkar-e-Taiba or Mohammed Atta. Is that Osama bin Laden or Usama bin Laden? Gosh, our expensive software and our highly trained and technical people don’t account for such oddities!

Wow… If this is what our tax dollars get us then it’s time for a new government.

Could it be that instead of dealing with the legitimate embarrassment of having another country warn us about a killer in our midst the FBI concocted this lame excuse?