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Monthly Archives: September 2013

So much for the “global test.”

Here’s another good take on Obama’s mishandling of Syria, this one from Bret Stephens: So much for John Kerry‘s “global test,” circa 2004. So much for Barack Obama slamming the Bush administration for dismissing “European reservations about the wisdom and necessity of the Iraq war,” circa 2007. So much for belittling foreign leaders who side […]

John Kerry’s Amatuer Hour!

This is pretty funny… They’re hypocrites too. All the Democrats past “rush to war” rhetoric, which they threw at Bush-Cheney for years, is shown today to be a pile of steaming, stinky politically-expedient crap. They’ve lost all credibility. I’m no fan of John McCain, but his twitter insult to Sen. Kerry was appropriate and accurate: […]

Is the enemy of our enemy really our friend?

From the top of Drudge today: Russia claims 100-page report blaming Syrian REBELS for chemical weapons attack… BRUTALITY REVEALED…. Al Qaeda ‘Highwaymen, Kidnappers, and Killers’… EXECUTING MEN ON KNEES… ‘We swear to Lord of Throne, we will take revenge’… Kerry claims ‘moderate’… AL QAEDA ATTACKS CHRISTIAN VILLAGE… U.S. Travel Warning: Rebels Have ‘Claimed Nearly 600 […]

Israel on Obama’s policy.

An interesting take from Joel Rosenberg regarding how Israel views Obama’s foreign policy weakness. If they’re this torn up over Syria, what would they ever do with Iran? Mr. Obama cannot even persuade former defense secretary Don Rumsfeld or former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton – two outspoken hawks, ready and willing to use […]

WSJ: Whose Red Line?

[WSJ] President Obama isn’t easy to follow up San Juan Hill, or for that matter even Capitol Hill. Rather than walk point on national security, he prefers to blend in with the enlisted men and women. Consider his astonishing statement on Wednesday at a press conference in Stockholm about his comments last year drawing a […]