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Category Archives: Humor

Obamacare to render you powerless.

Below is a commentary from Rob Johnson about how employers are expected to count the beans in favor of the fines over continuing the healthcare coverage of their employees. But isn’t that likely the point of the government system: if the Feds can create hundreds of millions of dependents on the government dole — from […]

It’s okay to be glad OBL is dead.

Hey, I’m glad he’s dead. I know, I know, we’re not supposed to celebrate anyone’s death. In fact, it wasn’t even a full day after the news of Bin Laden’s death that I had to hear from presumptuous moral-equivalence preaching factions amongst media and social networks about how embarrassed they are to see any fellow […]

Obama Akbar!

MC Crowbar’s Peaze Prize.

Pretty funny, Crowder, as these things go. I promise to be more hopey, changey, and such this year… that’s a peace prize!

(Still) Enough said.

Enough said.

Who knew?

CF-18s intercepted Russian plane before Obama visit News Staff As security officials worked to secure Ottawa on the eve of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit, Canadian fighter jets were scrambling to intercept a Russian bomber plane in the Arctic skies. That’s a huge story! I mean who knew that Canada had an air force! […]

Quote of the day.

Letter to Jonah Goldberg: The problem with Barack: You and I read a Lincoln biography and conclude that Lincoln was great. Obama reads the same book and concludes that he is Lincoln.

Happy Halloween.

Obama won’t define “rich.”

This shouldn’t surprise anyone… [Byron York] One of the things I’ve seen at Republican rallies is that people just don’t believe Barack Obama when he says he’ll raise taxes only on those who make more than $250,000 a year.  It’s not that these people make that much money or even think they’ll make that much […]