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Rewarding murderous behavior.

Here’s Matt Welch on the president’s comments at the U.N. this week: As Eugene Volokh recently pointed out, “Behavior that gets rewarded, gets repeated.” If all it takes to earn a White House call for global condemnation of a single piece of expression is some violent protests outside a dozen or two diplomatic missions, then […]

Obama cronies do 180 on Libya (quietly)

To say this is shameful is to insult shame. [NBC News] For the first time since four American diplomats were killed during violent protests at the U.S. consulate in Libya, the White House spokesman acknowledged that the attacks were an act of terrorism. During a gaggle with reporters on Air Force One, Press Secretary Jay […]

Will Obama release Sheik Rahman?!?

If this is true, it’s absolutely inexplicable, unforgivable and despicable. [NY Post] The Obama administration is weighing the release of blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman — the spiritual adviser to the 1993 World Trade Center bombers — in a stunning goodwill gesture toward Egypt that has touched off a political firestorm, officials said yesterday. Tell the […]

Murderers don’t murder, movies do.

Here’s Jonah Goldberg: Over at MSNBC, a riot of consensus broke out when contributors Mike Barnicle and Donny Deutsch as well as University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler all agreed that the people behind the video should be indicted as accessories to murder. “Good morning,” declared Butler, “How soon is Sam Bacile [the alleged creator […]

Obama’s Libyan narrative

I think it was put best earlier this week when some columnist — I forget who — tweeted that you know things are bad when the Libyan president becomes more credible than the American president. The Obama administration asks us to believe that on September 11 — when there have already been protests at our […]

Release OBL pics to destroy the myth.

Solid points by Eugene Robinson, a rare occasion we’re in agreement: Why? Because while gory photographs would have inflamed some jihadists and wannabes, I believe they would have disillusioned and deflated others. A heroic myth of invulnerability had been built around bin Laden. He was supposed to have cheated death while fighting the Russians in […]

Obama Dems channel their inner Bush/Reagan.

Great tongue-in-cheek post by IowaHawk. Read the whole thing: Who is to credit for this rebirth in American national unity? First and foremost, we must cite the leadership of President Obama. Like many Americans – and the Nobel Peace Prize committee – I naively feared he was actually serious when he initially proposed shutting down Guantanamo, trying […]

Dersh: The prez should release OBL photos.

Here’s Alan Dershowitz on why President Obama made a mistake in both burying Osama Bin Laden at sea and then not releasing the photographic evidence. In my nearly half-century of representing defendants charged with homicide, I have come to know that the best evidence of how a person died comes from the body of the […]

Not so “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood.

Great commentary from the Bret Stephens: It’s what the good people on West 40th Street like to call a “Times Classic.” On Feb. 16, 1979, the New York Times ran a lengthy op-ed by Richard Falk, a professor of international law at Princeton, under the headline “Trusting Khomeini.” “The depiction of [Khomeini] as fanatical, reactionary […]

This 9-11, a reminder of the folly of appeasement.

The “falling man” photograph is to me one of the most horrifying reminders of that dark day. What hell they must have endured that throwing themselves from 100 stories was the least agonizing option. A word about all the proposed “Koran burnings.” It’s idiotic, and in this case does accomplish drawing moderate and sensible persons […]