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WH: Actually, drones strikes are legal and effective counterterrorism policy!

Remember the tried and true age-old adage: When Republican presidents use drones to kill terrorists they’re “shredding the constitution,” but when Democrat presidents do the same it’s “legal,” “ethical,” and “wise.” A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be “senior […]

Oh, NOW he tells us!

Here’s Bill Kristol on Joe Biden’s queer historical revisionism: Vice President Biden — who was for the Iraq war before he was against it, and who then argued that the surge could never work before he decided (in retrospect) that it did — said this to Larry King on Wednesday night: “I am very optimistic […]

Hoover to FDR & Bush to Obama.

Here’s George Will: In February 2008, President George W. Bush and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who normally were at daggers drawn, agreed that a $168 billion stimulus — this was Stimulus I — would be the “booster shot” the economy needed. Unemployment then was 4.8 percent. In January, the Obama administration, shiny as a new […]

Those Saudi schoolbooks.

Perhaps Chas Freeman should subscribe to A textbook for 8th grade students explains why Jews and Christians were cursed by Allah and turned into apes and pigs.Quoting Surat Al-Maida, Verse 60, the lesson explains that Jews and Christians have sinned by accepting polytheism and therefore incurred Allah’s wrath.To punish them, Allah has turned them […]

Leahy, investigate thyself.

Leahy Proposes Panel To Investigate Bush Era U.S. Attorney Firings Among Issues By Philip Rucker Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, February 10, 2009; A04 The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday called for a “truth commission” to investigate controversial actions of the Bush administration, including the politically inspired firings of U.S. attorneys, the treatment […]

This is unity? post-racial?

Wow. I cannot recall an inauguration treated with such disrespect. Obama can’t choose his supporters, I guess, but it’s going to be hard for him to unify as he promised when he’s backed by persons who clearly have no interest in unifying. They just want their pound of flesh. American elections are founded on the […]

Bush’s 3 biggest successes.

Here’s Victor Davis Hanson: A disinterested appraisal of Bush administration foreign policy will take years. For millions on the Left, events in Iraq, Guantánamo, and New Orleans rendered the 43rd president an ill-omened phantasma—omnipotent, ubiquitous, and responsible for all mischief big and small. “Bush Did It” soon became a sort of ritual throat-clearing that critics […]

More Steyn on Bush.

Mark Steyn again, from the same article below: As we “neo-imperialists” quickly learned, there are simply no takers for imperialism in America. This isn’t merely a leftish revulsion. Many on the right also quickly detached themselves from the Bush Doctrine. George Will pointed out that there was no Madison or Hamilton in Iraq. True. But […]

Bush lied? Quite the opposite.

Here’s some selected excerpts from Mark Steyn’s commentary in National Review on Bush’s exit from office: Conservatives can’t complain they were misled, although many do. Governor Bush campaigned in 2000 as the GOP’s first open, out-of-the-closet federalizer of the school system and as a big softie pushover for the ever-swelling ranks of the Undocumented-American community. […]

The biggest revisionist history job in revisionist history.

Courtesy of the New York Times, the sheer scale of their “Bush caused the mortgage crisis” lie is staggering. That the New York Times engages in purposeful amnesia over the 1970s to the 1990s, the Clinton Administration, the Community Reinvestment Act, or that Democrats in Congress blocked every attempt to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie […]