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More Romney post-mortem

In summary: eight million “missing” white voters, who statistically would have mostly gone Republican… had they shown. Sean Trende comments on the, um, trend. Had the same number of white voters cast ballots in 2012 as did in 2008, the 2012 electorate would have been about 74 percent white, 12 percent black, and 9 percent […]

Inconceivable: McCain > Romney.

Here’s Paul Kengor: Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election not so much because he got fewer votes than Barack Obama but because he got fewer votes than John McCain in 2008. Additional votes are still coming in, but, as of the time of my writing, Romney received around 57.8 million votes in 2012. In 2008, […]

Obamacare in one sentence.

Hat tip to Frogbrother:

Clinton’s GM Fiction.

[National Review] The Democrats cling to the ridiculous claim that the bailout of GM and its now-Italian competitor, Chrysler, saved 1.5 million U.S. jobs. This preposterous figure is based on the assumption that if GM and Chrysler had gone into normal bankruptcy proceedings, the entire enterprise of automobile manufacturing in the United States would have […]

The Obama Jobs Deficit.

[Bob Beauprez] During the Obama administration, the jobs deficit has doubled — that is, the gap between the actual number of jobs and the number we would expect in a historically “normal” economy with the current size of the U.S. population. … The real measure for any president leading an economic recovery is how quickly […]

Improved Unemployment in August? Not so fast, my friend!

Here’s the WSJ with the details: The number of jobs added to the economy and the unemployment rate come from separate reports. The number of jobs added — the 96,000 figure — comes from a survey of business, while the unemployment rate comes from a survey of U.S. households. The two reports often move in […]

Least conservative – Romney or Santorum?

I’m of the opinion that economically — which to me is without a doubt the single most important issue in this election (and isn’t is usually) — any one of the Republican candidates would be a drastic and remarkable improvement over the hardcore Keynesian-Wilsonian (best case) and Marxian-Frenchified (worst case) fiscal liberals in the Obama […]

Obama’s re-election playbook: revisionist history.

When the going gets tough on President Obama you can count on him to revise decades of economic history. [WSJ] President Barack Obama on Thursday said the U.S. has lost some of its competitive edge and gotten a “little soft.” Mr. Obama, in an interview with WESH-TV in Orlando, said his administration has been tough […]

Everybody, even Democrats, call out Obama on his Buffet tax lie.

Yesterday I wrote a post on the number of ways President Obama’s proposed “Buffet tax” — which is based on the faulty and context-lacking premise that Warren Buffet’s secretary suffers a higher tax bracket than Mr. Buffet — was nothing more than a bait-and-switch gambit designed to invoke class warfare at a time when his […]

Bachmann fumbles.

You know when you’re watching a football game, and the spunky, sprite running back is twisting and juking, amazing the crowd, and all of the sudden, at the worst possible moment, the running back fumbles, giving momentum to the other team, and then the coach sits the distraught player down for the rest of the […]