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Who’s Tom Steyer?

If you don’t know Tom Steyer and his brother are the liberal equivalent of the Koch brothers, but of course since they’re liberal other liberals, including Democrats in office and media lackeys, have no problem with Tom Steyer and his big money, his corporate interests, and his politics, unlike what they have with, say, the […]

Team Obama REALLY doesn’t get it.

Just yesterday I posted that the Obama cult demonstrates an increasing disconnect from and disregard of economics, but this example of disrespecting the American public takes the cake. [Associated Press] Secretary Steven Chu came out swinging Friday against a House bill that would repeal a 2007 federal law effectively outlawing older forms of incandescent bulbs—an […]

Obama’s intangible cost-benefit analysis.

With a cost-benefit analysis system as obtuse and intangible as this, what’s the point of having one? Ah, but that indeed is the point, and exemplifies everything that is wrong with liberal government — all things are executed using the basis of immeasurable metrics. Here’s the Wall Street Journal commenting on President Obama’s recent executive […]

The drill baby drill void.

Hey, we can say no, but other countries will say yes. And, similarly, foolish governments and politicos, such as Florida’s Charlie Crist, can write legislation all they want denying American companies the ability to drill offshore, but that won’t do a damn thing for companies based in the UK, or China for that matter. Here’s […]

Greens define “renewable energy” as you doing without.

Don’t look now but mainstream media (aka the lamestream media) is beginning to throw up the white flag and admit that their cure for supposed man-made global warming and our reliance on foreign energy sources is just to use less electricity. How will this happen? First by guilt, then by force. In the heat wave, […]

The renewable energy scam.

Have you ever noticed how Democrats brag that renewable energy — i.e., Green Jobs — will create more jobs than traditional — i.e., petroleum — energy jobs? If so, have you extrapolated the next question: “Why is that?” Simple, because green energy is so inefficient it will take more workers to produce the same kilowatt […]

Meet Obama’s (loaded-deck) BP investigation panel.

Wow, when you’re a former media-darling Democratic president and the Associated Press starts to turn on you, you must have bad ratings. Here’s how the AP describes Barack Obama’s panel to investigate the Gulf oil leak: Only one of the seven commissioners, the dean of Harvard’s engineering and applied sciences school, has a prominent engineering […]

Obama’s moratorium endangers environment.

Ironically, the risk that another oil leak similar to the Deepwater Horizon has increased due to the Obama administration’s moratorium on deep-well drilling. Engineer Ken Arnold explains why to the WSJ: A big reason why those experts would have balked is because they recognize that the moratorium is indeed a threat to safety. Mr. Arnold […]

Count Obama’s whoppers from his BP speech.

There are lies, there are damned lies, and there’s Barack Obama. His presidential address to the nation regarding the BP Deepwater Horizon oil leak was filled with some big fibs. Starting with: “But make no mistake:  We will fight this spill with everything we’ve got for as long as it takes. .. And we will […]

Oil greener than green fuels.

Here’s Jonah Goldberg: A rolling “dead zone” off the Gulf of Mexico is killing sea life and destroying livelihoods. Recent estimates put the blob at nearly the size of New Jersey. Alas, I’m not talking about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. As terrible as that catastrophe is, such accidents have occurred in U.S. waters only […]