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Elites fan the fires of racial outrage.

One has to hand it to a few brave members of the liberal mainstream media, such as The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen and Slate’s William Saletan, who have gone against their counterparts (and our president) who continue to perpetuate the false narratives of the Zimmerman-Martin saga. They are the rare exception, and this is likely […]

Obama for Stand Your Ground before he was against it.

President Obama channels his inner John Kerry on “Stand Your Ground” laws. [WSJ] In his remarks last Friday on George Zimmerman’s acquittal, the President said it would be wise to “examine” state and local laws governing the use of firearms in self-defense. He suggested that “stand your ground” provisions are “sending a message” that “someone […]

Actually, assault rifles are great for home defense.

Well, they are. Assault rifles are particularly good for women because they’re light, they’re accurate, and their typically large magazine sizes better ensure one could defend themselves from multiple assailants, particularly armed assailants. Anyway, don’t take my word for it, here’s President Obama’s current Department of Homeland Security! So, next time you hear some government […]

The truth about assault weapons.

This is a must read:

The futility of gun control.

The vast majority of President Obama’s executive orders will do nothing to curb violent crime, albeit there is almost universal agreement from NRA to the president to strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Also, while the president is not talking about banning any guns and magazine sizes (yet), Dianne Feinstein, the mayors […]

Boortz on Treyvon Martin.

Neil Boortz had some interesting thoughts on the Treyvon Martin case today, starting with the fringe elements in the African-American community using this shooting as an opportunity for political expediency, as if a single incident of an Hispanic man killing an African-American man is somehow an indictment of racism against an entire community, state or […]

Here’s Kevin Williamson on the curious (0ver) reaction by liberal lamestream media in condemnation of gun ownership. People have a visceral reaction to guns, which is why the reactions to the Supreme Court’s recent decision in McDonald v. City of Chicago have been so emotional. One extraordinarily telling reaction came from David Ignatius of the […]

Kerry’s Absolutely Backwards Gun Control.

[Houston Chronicle] At Monday’s hearing, [Senate Foreign Relations Committee] committee Chairman Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said he had been shocked to see killings and beheadings “just a stone’s throw across the Rio Grande from where we’re sitting this morning.” Across the border, thousands of Mexican soldiers patrol Ciudad Juarez, which saw about 2,000 murders in […]