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Israel on Obama’s policy.

An interesting take from Joel Rosenberg regarding how Israel views Obama’s foreign policy weakness. If they’re this torn up over Syria, what would they ever do with Iran? Mr. Obama cannot even persuade former defense secretary Don Rumsfeld or former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton – two outspoken hawks, ready and willing to use […]

Moral inversion: Aggressors are victims, victims aggressors.

“Draw a cartoon or write a novel offending Islam, and you must go into hiding; defame Jews and earn accolades.” — Victor Davis Hanson. “The consequence of this moral and cultural relativism is that people are increasingly unable to make moral distinctions based on behavior. Such moral equivalence rapidly mutates into moral inversion, in which […]

The intelligence agency who cried “Wolf.”

Let’s play “Compare & Contrast.” [Washington Times] Iran is poised to begin producing nuclear weapons after its uranium program expansion in 2009, even though it has had problems with thousands of its centrifuges, according to a newly released CIA report. “Iran continues to develop a range of capabilities that could be applied to producing nuclear […]

“Stand by your Ayatollah ♫”

TEHRAN — Iran’s supreme leader, spurning what he described as several personal overtures from President Obama, warned Tuesday that negotiating with the United States would be “naive and perverted” and that Iranian politicians should not be “deceived” into starting such talks. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 70, said Obama has approached him several times through oral and […]

Obama cruel to the kind, kind to the cruel.

In just the past 72 or so hours President Barack Obama has both become the first president to ever refuse to meet the Dalai Lama, and denied funding to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. Both are policies based in appeasement, and the president’s track record on that is quite disturbing. Beyond the historic snub, […]

Elected by whom?

In the words of Michael Goldfarb, the Obama Administration officially “certified” the Iranian “election.” Nice. “He’s the elected leader,” says Obama press secretary Gibbs. Elected? Really? Who elected Ahmadinejad? Does a council of 12 unelected religious clerics with absolute omnipotence over all legislative and judicial ability make an election? Every time the Obama administration attempts […]

Iranian rule.

Here’s Francis Fukuyama on the political architecture of Iran. Basically, imagine if the Bill of Rights had included an Amendment 10b that stated, “an unelected council of religious clerics lead by a supreme leader may at will define, qualify or overrule all these previous amendments.” Political scientists categorize the Islamic Republic of Iran as an […]

Wanted: Presidential backbone.

Here’s Bret Stephens: In other words, Mr. Obama seems to have thought that a considerable part of America’s Iran problem was simply an America problem, to be addressed by various forms of conciliation: Mr. Obama’s New Year’s greetings to “the Islamic Republic of Iran”; the disavowal of regime change as a U.S. objective; the offer […]

W.W.R.D. with Iran.

There are some interesting comparisons between Iran’s latest revolutionary movement and Poland’s Solidarity movement in the 1980s. Western assistance came both vocally and covert — via American companies providing Western intelligence agencies with printing presses and other equipment and utilities to assist the organization of the Polish protesters. The movement was already there and in […]

‘Why not us?’

The following is from a Washington Post article titled, “Arab Activists Watch Iran And Wonder: ‘Why Not Us?’” Across the Arab world, Iran’s massive opposition protests have triggered a wave of soul-searching and conflicting emotions. Many question why their own reform movements are unable to rally people to rise up against unpopular authoritarian regimes. In […]