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Single most stupid headline of the day (week, month, etc).

From Dan Balz of Washington Post: Palin Opens Herself Up to Criticism Right, right… because lefty journalists weren’t attacking Sarah Palin before last weekend’s resignation announcement. Frankly, I don’t get the Palin thing either, but don’t act like the press wasn’t hounding her from her dress (slutty stewardess) to her family (hey, let’s make fun […]

Smackdown on Newsweek.

John McCormack of The Weekly Standard comments on the contradictory lines of attack on Sarah Palin. According to Newsweek Palin refused to go onstage with New Hampshire Republicans Sen. John Sununu and Rep. Jeb Bradley because they are pro-choice and opposed drilling in Alaska. So according to the hatchet man/woman who talked to Newsweek, Palin […]

How McCain Lost, or, Blaming Sarah says it all.

There is no one reason why John McCain lost, of course, just as there’s no one reason that Barack Obama won. Having said that, perhaps you’ve heard the reports that former McCain staffers are now anonymously attacking Sarah Palin with leaks to the media of insulting stories — and they’re just that, stories. To me, […]

Mark Steyn on the election.

Bill Bennett asked me on the air the other day why voters were so hot for this hope’n’change mush, and I suggested that it’s the dominant vernacular of the age. Go into almost any American grade-school and stroll the corridors: you’ll find the walls lined with Sharpie-bright supersized touchy-feely abstractions: “RESPECT,” “DREAM,” “TOGETHER,” “DIVERSITY.” By […]

Media Bias 101.

Here’s Andy McCarthy: Let’s try a thought experiment. Say John McCain attended a party at which known racists and terror mongers were in attendance. Say testimonials were given, including a glowing one by McCain for the benefit of the guest of honor … who happened to be a top apologist for terrorists. Say McCain not […]

Obama won’t define “rich.”

This shouldn’t surprise anyone… [Byron York] One of the things I’ve seen at Republican rallies is that people just don’t believe Barack Obama when he says he’ll raise taxes only on those who make more than $250,000 a year.  It’s not that these people make that much money or even think they’ll make that much […]

Read the whole thing.

First, there turns out to be no standard of objectivity in contemporary journalism. Palin’s career as a city councilwoman, mayor, and governor of Alaska was never seen as comparable to, or — indeed, in terms of executive experience — more extensive than, Barack Obama’s own legislative background in Illinois and Washington. Somehow we forgot that […]

How Obama even made Bill a racist.

The reason Bill Clinton is sulking in his tent is because he feels that Obama surrogates succeeded in painting him as a racist. Clinton has many sins, but from his student days to his post-presidency, his commitment and sincerity in advancing the cause of African Americans have been undeniable. If the man Toni Morrison called […]

What if?

It is a rare cold day that I post something from Pat Buchanan, particularly due to his odd defense of Charles Lindburgh isolationists just prior to the Second World War, his seeming apologist attitudes towards Nazi Germany (albeit some taken out of context by his enemies), and his rhetoric — that would make your typical […]

In defense of Joe.

At a John McCain rally in Virginia on Saturday, Tito Munoz had come to face the enemy: the news media, which had declared war on Joe Wurzelbacher. “Why the hell are you going after Joe the Plumber?” Munoz yelled at a group of reporters, including my National Review colleague Byron York. “Joe the Plumber has […]