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Oh, Now they need Petraeus!

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds with some reminders: * Obama hand picked McChrystal! * During the 2008 election cycle the Far Left called Gen. Petraeus “General Betrayus.” But now MoveOn has, well, moved on. I guess Obama gets a pass from them on that. (Flashback of this great parody of MoveOn — General LiesandPower.) * Hillary Clinton […]

So much for “the good war.”

In a matter of about three weeks, the Left’s view of Afghanistan has gone from “the good war” to “the next Vietnam.” This turnabout — in effect, the Left is dumping the war now that it has stopped being politically useful — deserves an honored place in the annals of bad faith. Meantime, our troops […]

Counterinsurgency, not counterterrorism.

Bruce Riedel and Michael O’Hanlon explain in USA Today why the strategy of “offshoring” operations in Afghanistan, championed by many on the Left and some on the right, most recently George Will, will not work. The Offshoring is essentially counterterrorism, a strategy more reactionary based where the U.S. relies on technology and human assets not […]

CIA & State Wrong Again.

New Alliances In Iraq Cross Sectarian Lines Political Jockeying Suggests An Emerging Axis of Power By Anthony Shadid Washington Post Foreign Service Friday, March 20, 2009; A01 BAGHDAD, March 19 — Six weeks after provincial elections, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has allied himself with an outspoken Sunni leader in several provinces and broached a coalition […]

“What’s your answer?”

Tom Ricks of The Washington Post has a feature regarding the trials and tribulations (and political b.s.) that General David Petraeus had to go through. It’s worth the read. Here’s an excerpt: Petraeus and [U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan] Crocker liked to go running together, and during their runs in the summer of 2007 they […]

Sunday’s read the whole thing.

Why the Surge Worked By MATTHEW KAMINSKI Earlier this week in Baghdad, Gen. David Petraeus took a final bow before leaving for his new job atop U.S. Central Command. Over the past 20 months, the outgoing military chief in Iraq oversaw a new strategy and “surge” of five brigades that turned American war fortunes around. […]

Read the whole thing.

Here’s William McGurn with another great commentary, this time regarding all those pre-emptive pessimists and the Iraqi civil war that never was. I guess that’s a dangerous boast, as a President Obama could yank out our forces and that civil war might occur. But no less dangerous a boast than those who used the term […]

Bush’s McClellan.

Good commentary by William McGurn When Abraham Lincoln famously sent word to Gen. George McClellan that he’d like to “borrow” the army if the general wasn’t planning on using it, the commander of Union forces likely did not take it kindly. McClellan, after all, was a man whose letters home referred to Lincoln as an […]

Vietnam… for al Qaeda.

[WSJ] For U.S. politics, it is worth recalling that that 2006 Washington Post story became part of a Beltway consensus that defeat in Iraq was inevitable. Democrats made withdrawal the center of their campaign to retake Congress, Republicans like Senator John Warner became media darlings for saying the war couldn’t be won, and the James […]

Another pessimism bites the dust…

Remember that Iraqi civil war? Me neither. Why? It never happened. These days the perpetually pessimistic are relegated to semantics — “Well, define victory!” they’d matter-of-factly state. Okay, here’s victory: BAGHDAD — Anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr — long a thorn in the side of the U.S. military and Iraqi government — intends to disarm his […]