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WSJ: Flight Delays as Political Strategy.

This week White House Press Secretary Jay Carney blamed Republicans and the sequester — even though it was Obama’s sequester — for FAA air-traffic controller furloughs and the associated flight delays. “We made it clear that there would be these kinds of negative effects if Congress failed to take reasonable action to avert the sequester,” […]

Big Bird Backfires on Obama.

A year ago even the liberally-slanted Politifact had to agree with Republican Sen. Jim DeMint criticisms that Sesame Workshop (i.e., Sesame Street) was a prime example of taxpayer waste and subsidy abuse. At that time DeMint pointed out that Sesame Workshop made about 2.5 times its profit than its production costs, and, “from 2003 to […]

GE, Solyndra, and LightSquared prove government fails in the market.

Here’s the former CEO of American Express, Harvey Golub, expressing a less than complimentary opinion on the business savvy of the Obama Democrats: Meanwhile, [President Obama] he’s ignored entitlement reform, retarded the development of our energy resources, and added new layers to our regulatory burden. He’s also increased the uncertainty inherent in an already dysfunctional […]

Wisconsin Democrats against Democracy.

I don’t know which group is more unconscionable, the Wisconsin state Democrats or that state’s unions. The former group actually fled the state rather than participate in a vote on Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s proposal to have state workers become financial participants in retirement and health care costs (something that every private sector Wisconsin citizen […]

Americans have become the Yangs of Star Trek.

Here’s the Cato Institute’s Roger Pilon. But first, do you remember the old Star Trek (nerd alert: The Omega Glory) where Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a hapless red-shirted security guard beam down to a planet where the inhabitants, calling themselves “Yangs” and “Kohms,” short for Yankees and Communists, have been warring for centuries? A renegade […]

Hillary Clinton’s inadvertant call to lower taxes.

Here’s Steve Forbes highlighting a major but unreported economic gaffe by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared recently at the Brookings Institution, “The rich are not paying their fair share.” She then went on to praise Brazil as the tax holy grail for the rest of the world: “Brazil has […]

Quote of the day.

“Instead of asking, ‘What should we do about people who are poor in a rich country?’ The first question is, ‘Why is this a rich country?’ “Five hundred years ago, there weren’t rich countries in the world. There are rich countries now because part of the world is following basically libertarian rules: private property, free […]

Clunkers: Hurts the poor.

John Stossel adds to the evidence that President Obama’s Cash for Clunkers program damages the economic environment in unseen ways — indeed, it doesn’t help the poor, it actually hurts the poor: If you can only afford $500 – $1,000 for a car, you’ll find many of these vehicles are now unavailable.  They have been […]

Clunkers: That which is unseen.

Gwen Ottinger of the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s Center for Contemporary History and Policy in Philadelphia — and boy is that a mouthful — appears to be one of those rare environmentally conscience persons who also happen to have common sense. “Keep your clunker,” says Gwen, it’s better for the economy and the environment: First, even […]

Stossel: Conceited politicians.

Here’s John Stossel. All American taxpayers should share his sentiments: I’ve written before about the conceit of politicians who dole out taxpayers’ money and then expect that people worship them for the help they give. Occasionally, a politician says it outright, like in this short video of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell that came out today: […]