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Elites fan the fires of racial outrage.

One has to hand it to a few brave members of the liberal mainstream media, such as The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen and Slate’s William Saletan, who have gone against their counterparts (and our president) who continue to perpetuate the false narratives of the Zimmerman-Martin saga. They are the rare exception, and this is likely […]

Obama for Stand Your Ground before he was against it.

President Obama channels his inner John Kerry on “Stand Your Ground” laws. [WSJ] In his remarks last Friday on George Zimmerman’s acquittal, the President said it would be wise to “examine” state and local laws governing the use of firearms in self-defense. He suggested that “stand your ground” provisions are “sending a message” that “someone […]

The false choice on the Zimmerman & Martin saga.

I found a good commentary by Jim Geraghty that sums up much of my feeling on the trial of George Zimmerman. To me the biggest thing that’s bothered me is the purposeful factioning (what Geraghty divides into “Team Zimmerman” and “Team Treyvon” below, underscoring with his allusion to the Twilight movies, which is itself a […]

New Zimmerman case developments.

I’m no lawyer, have no legal training. But I think when you have a highly controversial and terribly politicized case such as the State of Florida versus George Zimmerman either legal team is best served by giving the jury a choice or set of options that they will be able to live with. When State […]

Hey, NYT: What’s a “White Hispanic”?

“White Hispanic.” That’s how the New York Times, Reuters and other media outlets have opted to describe George Zimmerman, a man who would simply be Hispanic if he hadn’t shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. — Jonah Goldberg. Goldberg later explains that the NYT and others are using that term because Zimmerman has one white […]

Boortz on Treyvon Martin.

Neil Boortz had some interesting thoughts on the Treyvon Martin case today, starting with the fringe elements in the African-American community using this shooting as an opportunity for political expediency, as if a single incident of an Hispanic man killing an African-American man is somehow an indictment of racism against an entire community, state or […]

GAO: Fed prisons pops. are 25% illegals, but Obama laughs it away.

Hans Von Spakovsky opines regarding a March 2011 report by the Government Accountability Office on illegal immigration — the numbers are eye-poppingly serious. GAO found that one of every four inmates in federal prisons is an illegal immigrant. And that number is rising. Since 2005, the number of criminal aliens in federal prison has increased […]

Obama official: we’ll just refuse to take illegals from AZ.

You may have heard about the head of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), John Morton, basically state that his taxpayer-funded  department, which is sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States, will not actually uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States, in this case by refusing to detain or deport […]

What of Mexico’s immigration policy?

Here’s William Bennett in a must-read commentary regarding the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law: [Mexican President] Felipe Calderón has simply no business lecturing us, lecturing America, about our immigration policies. How does Mexico treat illegal immigrants? See Article 67 of Mexico’s General Population Law: “Authorities, whether federal, state or municipal . . . are required to demand that foreigners prove […]

They hate the Arizona law because it could work.

Here’s a great commentary on Arizona’s Illegal Immigration law by Heather MacDonald via the Washington Examiner: Heather MacDonald: Arizona law is hated because it could be effective By: Heather MacDonald Manhattan Moment contributor May 5, 2010 Read more at the Washington Examiner: To understand the hysterical reaction to Arizona’s new immigration initiative, consider the […]